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Well-Being Cohorts


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As the field of clinician well-being has evolved, Lumunos has been expanding the range of services we offer. Our newest service is the "Well-Being Cohort" Program - designed for individual clinicians who are interested in experiencing the Lumunos approach.


The Well-Being Cohort program is highly practical - providing tools and resources to help clinicians thrive in today’s health care environment. This service is built around an ‘inside-out’ approach to resilience - focusing on core human needs like meaning, purpose, and collegiality. Participants in each cohort will find a respectful and professionally facilitated place to sort out the challenges of being a caring, healthy clinician.

Program Details:

  • Each cohort consists of 6 to 8 clinicians

  • The group is led by a Lumunos facilitator and meets regularly for 6 sessions

  • Meetings happen in person or on-line via Zoom videoconferencing

  • Weekly e-mails and videos with additional content on each topic

  • Two personal coaching sessions (before and after the 6 session program) to set goals and create a post cohort action plan

Program Topics:

  • Realistic work-home integration

  • Stress relief strategies

  • Dealing with what you cannot control

  • Communication skills for work and home

  • Compassion fatigue and "moral injury"

  • Leadership toolbox

  • Dealing with "bad" days

  • Reconnecting with your "why"

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