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According to recent studies, more than half of US clinicians are now experiencing symptoms of professional burnout. Not surprisingly given the depth of the impact, there is growing evidence that burned-out providers are more likely to make mistakes.[1]  When clinicians are healthy, they are better providers, better colleagues, and far more effective leaders.

Deployed in more than 30 health care organizations over the last ten years, Lumunos’ Clinician Well-Being services address these challenges with an evidence-based, "inside-out" approach.[2] In

collaboration with senior management, Lumunos well-being programs are tailored to

meet the needs of each engagement.

Our program  content is clinician driven. We typically see interest in topics such as effective communications, leadership skills, compassion fatigue, stress management, renewal practices,

staff relationships, adjusting to changes in health care delivery, and dealing with things

beyond one's span of control.


[1] “Physician Burnout, Well-being, and Work Unity Safety Grades in Relationship to Medical Errors”, D.S. Tawfik et al, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, June 2018.

[2] ”Physician Burnout: Contributors, Consequences, and Solutions”, C.P West et al, Journal of Internal Medicine, Vol. 283, January 2018

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