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Leadership Programs



Modern health care is a team sport, and many clinicians find themselves leading teams. Surgeons lead surgical teams. Senior nurses lead service nursing teams. Senior residents lead teams of newly minted doctors. Some clinicians move on to become Directors, CMOs, CNOs, and CEOs. The changing

medical landscape has fundamentally shifted the skills needed to excel in all these roles.[1]

Medical leaders face daunting new challenges – including increasingly hectic schedules and difficult demands brought about by radical shifts in how we deliver (and pay for) health services. Leaders hear dissatisfaction and concern from management above and staff below. Imagine having a carefully crafted  opportunity to talk with leadership colleagues.

Lumunos' Leadership Programs create the space for facilitated conversations between medical leaders on topics relevant to their worlds. In our Leaders forums, clinicians gain wisdom and support from others who understand the opportunities, pressures,and demands of being in these unique and challenging roles. Our Leadership Programs dive into the ideas and real-world practices that move leaders

toward being a source of inspiration for their teams and their colleagues.

[1] “Executive Leadership and Physician Well-Being”, T.D. Shanafelt and J. H Noseworthy, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Vol. 92, #1, January 2017.

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