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Workplace leaders are responsible for a lot - from the nuts and bolts of hiring and budgeting to the logistics of scheduling and reporting. Too often the more relational skills of building trust, strengthening communication, and establishing cooperative teamwork are much less of a priority. This often leads to an imbalanced, unsustainable, and unhappy work environment. As workplaces become increasingly diverse and dynamic, relational skills are essential to the longterm success and well-being of any organization.

“In today’s culture, talented employees seek supportive work environments where empathy, support and compassion are the norm.” (Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Forbes)

Companies across the globe are learning the benefits of investing in the relational skills of their employees. Values-driven leaders with good communication skills and empathy for employees build stronger teams. Turnover is lower, absenteeism drops, and employees are happier and more productive. While managers often receive training in logistics, it is critical that workplaces provide training around how to build greater understanding, trust, and cooperation within teams. That’s where Lumunos comes in!

Lumunos also recognizes the unique role middle managers play in organizations. As such, we offer trainings designed specifically for this audience. Click on the "Middle Manager Workshop Flyer" below for more information.

“Nobody writes poems about middle managers. Nobody gets too romantic about the person who runs a department at a company, or supervises a construction crew, or serves as principal at a school, manager at a restaurant or deacon at a church. But I’ve come to believe that these folks are the unsung heroes of our age. Amid a wider national atmosphere of division, distrust, bitterness and exhaustion, these managers are the frontline workers who try to resolve tensions and keep communities working, their teams united and relationships afloat.” (David Brooks, New York Times)

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