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Work-Home Integration

Work-Home Integration     

Description:  There is really no such thing as work-home 'balance' for clinicians--the nature of the work makes the notion elusive to say the least.  But integrating the two is possible and is ultimately pivotal to a fulfilled life for most people.  In this workshop, we talk about how to transition from clinic to home; how to use compartmentalization to your advantage; how to be as present as possible in each of the two spheres of life; and how to recognize and make corrections when you are seriously out of balance. 


When the White Coat Comes Off:  The Identity of the Physician

Description:  Being a physician can consume one's identity.  Physicians who thrive long term are ones who have other roles and interests that form their identity. Putting those different roles together can be difficult, especially in the first years of practice. This workshop provides the opportunity for self awareness and strategies for developing an identity beyond the physician role.  Ideal for physicians nearing retirement, as well as younger physicians just getting started.

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