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Professional Issues

Old, Young, and In-Between Clinicians:  Generational Differences in the Practice of Medicine

Description:  As in any workplace, whether you are an older clinician, a young clinician, or somewhere in-between, you encounter generational differences that can be challenging.  In this workshop, we discuss some of the stereotypes and how to bridge the generational gap in medicine.


Dealing with Death, Poor Outcomes, and Delivering Bad News

Description:  These experiences can be excruciatingly difficult and leave negative impacts that persist for years. In this workshop we discuss best strategies for having these conversations, and how to process and let go of these challenging events.


Time Management Strategies for Busy Clinicians

Description:  Given the importance and personal impact of their work, it can be extremely challenging for many clinicians to manage their commitments.  In this session, we discuss how to prioritize, delegate, and say ‘no’ to make time for important priorities in your professional and personal life. Resources include Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix and James Clear’s Atomic Habits.


Compassion for the Patient and Clinician

Description:  There is solid evidence that compassion is not only good for patient care, it is also good for the clinician as well. This workshop will help clinicians implement compassionate care with patients, and also how to recognize and address compassion fatigue in themselves.


The Imposter Syndrome

Description:  Most clinicians experience some version of the imposter syndrome. In a related way, perfectionism also increases the likelihood of burnout.  In this workshop, we unpack the Imposter Syndrome and give tools to address it.  

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