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Leadership, Culture, and Team Building

Leading in Times of Change 

Description:  Leading in healthcare during a pandemic requires an understanding and toolkit for dealing with change.  This workshop includes models and paradigms for leading in times of change, including the change management and leadership work of William Bridges (Managing Transitions), John Kotter, Brené Brown and others.


Building a Culture of Trust on the Team

Description:  Stephen Covey famously said that there is “nothing faster than the speed of trust.”  When the level of trust is high, small things remain small.  When the trust level is low, small issues become time-consuming culture killers. Everyone knows that trust is important for a healthy team culture, but how do you build it?  This session provides practical ideas for increasing the level of trust amongst leadership and team.


Crucial Conversations

Description:  A “crucial conversation” is a discussion between two or more people where “the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.”  In other words, the kind of interactions clinician leaders have all the time.  This workshop is an interactive introduction to the crucial conversations model of interaction, as well as other conflict management strategies. 


The Unique Challenges of Being a Clinician Leader

Description:  Being a clinician leader has been described as walking around with two targets on your back: one for your fellow clinicians, the other for your fellow administrators. At the same time, good leadership in this role has a powerful impact on the engagement and resilience of members of the team.  In this session we cover strategies for thriving in this unique and critical role.


Evocative Leadership

Description:  A great leader cares about the growth and development of the people on his/her teams.  Leaders who evoke the best from their colleagues are repaid when their team members reciprocate engagement and renewed passion in the work. This workshop provides tools and strategies for evoking and supporting the calling of members of the team. 


Vision, Planning and Purpose

Description:  Many clinician leaders are not trained in leading team processes around creating vision and strategy.  This workshop addresses that need by providing tools and resources for leaders who wish to deepen team engagement by involving team members in planning, vision, and strategy.


Clinician Leader, Know Thyself:  Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence for Clinician Leaders

Description: Knowing and understanding how you are wired, where your blind spots are, and what kind of situations trigger you is a critical skill for leaders. Self-awareness helps one lead from strength, compensate for weaknesses, and create better culture on the team.  This session includes discussion of tools to help clinician leaders raise their self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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