“The Lumunos Colleagues program is a key part of our physician engagement strategy. We have seen personal changes in physicians who once again fully enjoy their work. We have also seen an overall shift in the medical staff culture to higher quality, and enhanced collegiality among our medical staff. This program has allowed us to extend our mission of caring and improving human life to include physician well-being.”

Dr. Dianne McCallister, CMO, The Medical Center of Aurora

“The type of introspection and discussion amongst peers provided by the program does not come instinctually to me. The fact that it has influenced my outlook on my practice and my life underscores the depth of the program. Lumunos’ input has encouraged me to think reflectively, and to act proactively, regarding how I function as a physician, and more importantly, as a person.”

Dr. Simeon Abramson, former MEC President, Porter Adventist Hospital

“It’s hard to practice medicine these days. The Lumunos program gives us a powerful, protected space to think and talk about how we relate to each other as physicians, and how we relate to the practice of modern medicine.”

Dr. Elizabeth Kincannon, Chief Medical Officer, MO Parker Adventist Hospital

“I’m delighted to have had our cohort meetings. I was changed and I think the hospital was changed as well. And, I have met a  handful of remarkable clinicians, to whom I would have otherwise remained a stranger.”

Dr. Ed Smith, Surgeon, Littleton Adventist Hospital