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Client Comments


"I would like to say that this was probably the best meeting I have ever been to. Not only did it focus on us as nurses, but also helped us to recognize that we are human. Some of the things that the facilitator talked about are so simple, but in this crazy world that we are living and working in, are sometimes the hardest things to see. Thank you so much for having LumunosWellBeing come and enlighten us."

UVM Nurse  

“The Lumunos Colleagues program is a key part of our physician engagement strategy. We have seen personal changes in physicians who once again fully enjoy their work. We have also seen an overall shift in the medical staff culture to higher quality, and enhanced collegiality among our medical staff. This program has allowed us to extend our mission of caring and improving human life to include physician well-being.”

Dr. Dianne McCallister, CMO, The Medical Center of Aurora

“The type of introspection and discussion amongst peers provided by the program does not come instinctually to me. The fact that it has influenced my outlook on my practice and my life underscores the depth of the program. Lumunos’ input has encouraged me to think reflectively, and to act proactively, regarding how I function as a physician, and more importantly, as a person.”

Dr. Simeon Abramson, former MEC President, Porter Adventist Hospital

“It’s hard to practice medicine these days. The Lumunos program gives us a powerful, protected space to think and talk about how we relate to each other as physicians, and how we relate to the practice of modern medicine.”

Dr. Elizabeth Kincannon, Chief Medical Officer, MO Parker Adventist Hospital

“I’m delighted to have had our cohort meetings. I was changed and I think the hospital was changed as well. And, I have met a  handful of remarkable clinicians, to whom I would have otherwise remained a stranger.”

Dr. Ed Smith, Surgeon, Littleton Adventist Hospital

The main reason for me that the retreat was so valuable was that it provided a great opportunity to talk with docs that I've known professionally for years about something besides medicine. I got to know what makes them and their families tick, and in the process I learned a lot about myself. The setting was fantastic, which helped. I hope I get invited back next year."

Dr. Ken Kulig 

I'm delighted to have had our monthly cafeteria meetings. I left each one with a sense of a greater reality within present time. I was changed, and I think the hospital was changed, as well. It certainly seemed different.

Surgeon, Denver

All aspects of the session were excellent and deeply appreciated by me and my staff.  Doug gave us both practical techniques/exercises to utilize in our meetings to support each other and enhance our relational capital as well as a framework to have conversations about the road ahead. We have already made concrete change.

Psychiatrist, Counseling Services of Addison County

Doug presented yesterday at a conference I attended to discuss "Clinicians, Callings and Covid: the Art of Self-Care in a Pandemic." Not only was this topic so needed, but he handled it beautifully. He offered a heartfelt presentation that used research-based data, humor, compassion, and strategies to guide us moving forward into more resiliency. He made space for the sharing of stories and helped navigate both the dark and the light of what has been an incredible shared experience as nurses and other healthcare providers. My heartfelt thanks for his presence and for the deeply grounded experience. 

Nurse, UVMMC Cardiac Network Conference

It was an excellent experience! Wonderful mix of presented information and smaller group work. I really appreciated that multiple personality styles and learning styles were taken into account (and catered towards) throughout the 90 minute session. The interactive nature kept the entire group engaged (which is no small feat directly after a taco truck lunch)! I really appreciated the practical advice for ways to incorporate what we learned about team building and resiliency immediately into our daily routines. The group is very much looking forward to having you back for further work on these topics!

Healthcare Provider, MT. Ascutney Hospital, VT

It was an excellent presentation on what makes up a good team, with the right amount of presenting, and smaller break out groups to promote interactions of the group…and teambuilding. It was an excellent overview and introduction to many topics that would be good to explore more in depth in the future. There was a lot presented in the 90 minutes: touching on trust, and the BRAVING concepts from Brené Brown, appreciating all roles in a team, sharing encouragement, exploring integrity and generosity, beginning thoughts on crucial conversations, and on self-care and resiliency. Many thanks.

Cory Healy, Mt. Ascutney Hospital

The session was timely and valuable, not just for me but for all those who joined our annual meeting. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback with many saying it gave them new perspective and techniques. Nicely done, thank you so much.

Jeff Tieman, Executive Director, Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems


I really like reading these emails. Most of our similar “encouraging” emails don’t seem as genuine and applicable. It is always good to receive a message, rather than a reprimand reminding us to be a good human.

Physician San Antonio, TX

As a medical student, attending Doug’s wellness workshop helped me reflect more deeply about what’s important to me, how I care for myself and others, and how to keep these intentions and values aligned with my academic and career pursuits. Doug kept my classmates and me engaged with thoughtful exercises, unique reflection questions, and a selection of research findings from some of the top psychology, medical, and management journals. Further, hearing about the stories and lessons learned from the numerous clinicians he’s worked with helped broaden my perspective and neatly tie together some of the themes we were discussing. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Doug’s warmth and patience, lighthearted humor, and passion for this work helped foster an inviting space for deep reflection and honest conversation. It goes without saying that I would highly recommend Lumunos to any group of medical students and professionals seeking clinician wellbeing specialists.

Ankrish Milne, Larner School of Medicine

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for the opportunities for growth and meaningful reflection afforded by the Physicians Colleagues program. The type of introspection and discussion amongst peers provided by the program does not come instinctually to me, and the fact that it has influenced my outlook on practice and life underscores the depth of the program. The program has encouraged me to think reflectively, and act proactively, regarding how I function as a physician, and more importantly, as a person. I returned from the retreat energized, which is perfect timing for when our family gratefully ushers in a new life.

Radiologist, Denver, CO

I am grateful to you and your organization for helping us all reflect. Your words of wisdom help us serve our patients, our colleagues, our friends and families and ourselves.

Pediatrician, San Antonio, TX

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