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Compared to established physicians, residents have a very different set of challenges. The pace of their workdays is often exceptionally fast and expectations are very high. Often sleep-deprived and with little time to recover from very long days, new responsibilities need to be understood as they struggle to become adept in their specialty. Outside of work, they are settling into new communities, building new relationships, and often caring for young children. It is no surprise that the data on burnout among this community is alarming.[1]

Another factor is that these individuals came of age in a different era than older established physicians. As people who grew up after 1980, their cultural norms around the use of communication technologies are fundamentally different, and their views about the world have developed through a set of lenses that are largely unfamiliar to older people.

Looking at well-being through these lenses changes the goals and the delivery of programs designed for the resident community. A targeted well-being program is an opportunity to help residents establish healthy habits and build a foundation for a long and fulfilling career.

[1] "Work-Family Conflict and the Sex Difference in Depression Among Training Physicians," C. Guille et al, JAMA Internal Medicine, 177(12), October 2017.

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